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SAP Translation Services for the Highest Standards

We understand that SAP translation is about connecting with your global clients

Instead of just another language service provider, Linder & Tanguy is an SAP translation partner

There’s no need to look further: With 25 years of translation and SAP localization experience and an excellent track record of satisfied customers, we’re optimally equipped to support your international projects with SAP translation services and related consulting in various languages.

At Linder & Tanguy, we’re all about helping SAP users, solution extension partners, and SAP integrators streamline complex multilingual projects. Our certified status as an SAP Language Service Partner means we have the extensive experience and proficiency you’re looking for when you need to translate and adapt your SAP content and solutions into French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Chinese, or Japanese.

Why choose Linder & Tanguy? Your multilingual SAP project will be in good hands with us because we’re professionals in handling SAP terminology and translation tools (including SE63). We’ll bring our technical knowledge, expert personnel, and project management skills to bear in translating and adapting your:

  • User interfaces in SAP system environments
  • Master and customer data
  • User assistance content
  • Mobile apps
Meanwhile, we can also take care of all your SAP localization and translation needs, from the initial setup of an SAP translation environment to the adaptation of your customized SAP training courses, documentation, websites, and sales and marketing materials.

Check here for some examples of our past work.

Language quality consulting: from initial text analysis to translation

Having offered SAP translation services for 25 years, those of us at Linder & Tanguy know that a good translation starts with a quality source text. Experience has also taught us that not every software developer or specialist in product information and technical content has a knack for writing intuitive interfaces, user-centric guides and manuals, or engaging training documents in English – especially when it isn’t his or her native language.

Why not let us help you write high-quality source texts in German and English for your SAP solutions and corresponding technical documentation? You’ll then be able to significantly reduce the costs and effort required to translate and localize them.

Every customer project of this kind, especially in the context of SAP, demands thorough and professional source-text analysis. This is exactly how we offer SAP translation services that guarantee accuracy and efficiency.

At Linder & Tanguy, we want to work with our customers for many years to come. That’s why we make sure that both the source texts and the translations we create are delivered quickly and cost-effectively after being reviewed. We believe this sets an ideal stage for successful long-term partnerships!

Have your multilingual SAP content localized by a single SAP language and translation provider

Take advantage of the benefits other SAP partners and customers have been enjoying for 25 years:

  • A long-term business relationship
  • A worldwide network of SAP-certified companies
  • Teams and processes tailored to each type of SAP product and content
  • All project and quality management steps taken care of under one roof – from preparation to final delivery and inspection
  • Quality native translations from qualified experts in linguistics and the world of SAP
Interested in learning more about our SAP translation services and language consulting?
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