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First-Class German Translation Services – for and by Native-German Speakers

Let us help you boost your brand experience for German customers

Generally speaking, people won’t buy content or products that aren’t in their own language. Whether you’re just starting out in Germany or already trading and investing in German-speaking markets such as Austria or Switzerland, finding help in areas where you currently lack the regional knowledge to succeed takes trust – and the right expert partner.

Linder & Tanguy is a professional translation company based in Germany with 25 years of extensive industry experience in areas such as information technology, software, architecture, design, furniture, energy, and wine production.

Based on our genuine commitment to quality and straightforward processes, our German translation services can help you ensure smooth communications with your clients. Our key customers include global enterprise software companies, professional software consulting companies, a renowned design museum, European furniture designers and manufacturers, Germany-based companies in the machinery and equipment sector, and marketing agencies for food and wine. Meanwhile, our German translation services can be tailored to almost any situation. We would be more than happy to analyze your individual needs and e-mail you a free, non-binding quote for your next German translation project.

When it comes to translations into German in your particular field, don’t settle for anything less than the experts. Choose Linder & Tanguy – we’ll be standing by to discuss your needs.

Translation and localization of technically sophisticated content

Let’s say you correspond in English with your clients and business partners in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, and it works fine in everyday communications. But what about when you need useful, high-quality content in German – such as when it’s required by law in technical documentation? You’ll need professionals at your side to take care of your German translation projects.

  • Technical German translation
In terms of engineering, Germany is one of the top locations for quality and innovation. Several German companies have affiliates in the US or Canada, and many American companies do business in the German-speaking countries. Whether you sell technology to these countries or buy sustainable furniture from them, at some point, you’ll need a strong partner to translate manuals, handbooks, and other technical data between English and German.

Our expert German translators have years of experience in a number of fields and can provide you with truly professional translations of practically any technical documents, including:

  • Handbooks and manuals
  • Operating and assembly instructions
  • Data sheets
  • Product descriptions and other information
  • Training material
  • Software and user documentation
Need an accurate quote for a technical German translation project you have coming up? Send us a request along with a sample document we can use as a basis for pricing.

  • SAP translation and software localization
Linder & Tanguy is a certified SAP Translation Partner. Throughout our 25 years in business, we’ve been localizing SAP applications, training, and documentation and supporting SAP customers in streamlining their complex multilingual projects.

With our SAP translation services in German and English, we cover everything from the initial configuration of an SAP translation environment to the localization of software, user assistance, and documentation; post-editing of machine-generated translations by qualified revisers; user interface testing; and language quality consulting.

Perhaps you’re planning your next SAP translation project for new locations or customers that operate in the German-speaking countries. Why not drop us a line at and find out what we can do for you?

Transcreation – when you need high-quality, native-level translations

The first step is translating your content, and it’s important to get it right!

Translation is a linguistic challenge. Professional human translators and editors understand cultural references, slang, and other linguistic tools that content marketers employ to engage their audiences. These are areas where machine translation just doesn’t work.

The second step is reimagining your content so that it resonates better with your readers in the German-speaking countries.

Your team has worked hard to create a great brand idea, strapline, or campaign. The last thing you want is for the message and intent to be lost in translation. You need a partner you can trust; someone to make you look good in front of your clients.

Our native German speakers and marketing specialists have in-depth knowledge of both the language and the culture of your target market. They can capture the nuances of your emotional content, point out culturally sensitive subject matter, and offer ways to recreate your brand’s messaging effectively – with the right expertise and a local touch.

We offer you the complete package: the translation and recreation – or “transcreation” – of your content in German.

Let’s get started! If you need professional German translation services, contact us for a free quote.

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