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Let us translate your visions of furniture and design with style and a great understanding for language

The effects of globalization are also being felt in the furniture industry. Players in the sector are developing their international networks and benefitting from the associated commercial advantages. Since more and more furniture is being imported at ever-lower prices, European furniture manufacturers in particular have to prepare themselves for ever tougher competition.

If you want to be successful on an international stage, multilingual marketing communication is something you cannot afford to do without. We can translate your texts to help you promote and position your brand: What do you offer your customers that your competitors do not? Differentiating your products from those of competing furniture designers is one of the keys to success.

Specialist translations for the furniture industry: Market your products all over the world

We have many years of experience producing translations for and cooperating with clients in the furniture industry. We are experts in producing translations about high-quality furniture for the home, office and public spaces, as well as exclusive kitchens and seating. Our clients include well-known, internationally-active and innovative companies and institutions. We also have many years of experience translating for customers in the fields of shopfitting and shop equipment.

Your innovative product designs and functions as well as your range of furniture convince customers with their expert composition of material, color, design, and usability. We at Linder & Tanguy can produce the first-class translations you need to market those products internationally.

Linder & Tanguy adapts your product messages and marketing content to match the linguistic and cultural worlds of your target markets. With marketing adapted to the target country, you can rest assured that your brand messages really hit the spot. But not only that, you will also achieve a higher degree of awareness in a shorter period of time and increase the attractiveness of your brand.

We can support you in the linguistic adaptation of your products and services for international markets. With our help, you can be sure that your texts have the desired effect in your target markets.

We translate:

  • Marketing material
  • Brochures and other promotional material
  • Websites, newsletters, social media posts
  • Price lists and sales catalogs
  • Technical documents
Want to find out what we can do for you? Get in touch to find out! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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