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Privacy Statement


Despite rigorous monitoring, we assume no responsibility for linked content. The content of linked websites is the exclusive responsibility of the operators of these websites.

Website operator

Name: L&T Localization and Translation GmbH
Address: Schiffgasse 15, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

L&T Localization and Translation GmbH (the ‘operator’) ensures that your personal data is protected in compliance with data protection laws and that the operator complies with statutory regulations. Personal data is collected on this website only to the extent required for technical operation of the website. Your data will not be sold or disclosed to third parties, unless this is enforced by third parties with a court order.


  • The following gives you an overview of what type of data is collected and for what purposes:
    user name - for creating a login to enable you to amend your data
  • email address - so we can send you lost login data and current information
  • location - to determine the region in which the advertisement or link originated
  • date of birth (if provided) - to determine the demographics of our users and optimize our website to target certain age groups
  • A user biography, interests or other voluntary data are collected to facilitate communication with website users and to personalize users. (This data is not required and is purely voluntary. Website users may decide themselves what data they are willing to provide.)
  • password and user name, to enable you to register and use other functions
The software operating our website uses a technology that stores all information you voluntarily provide us on our forms (for example, when you register or make comments). This includes in particular links, comments, user names, email addresses, passwords (coded and therefore not decipherable by us or third parties without using criminal intelligence) as well as any other data you voluntarily and intentionally provide to us. If you wish, you may use fantasy data. In the event our website is abused, attacked or used for publishing illegal content, the data transmitted will be disclosed by court order.
Information or emails provided on our contact form are also stored on a local computer with the assistance of an e-mail program (to document correspondence and to answer questions more quickly). We will also delete these emails immediately if you so request in writing.


For technical reasons, the operator of this website automatically collects and stores server log data that is communicated by your browser:
  • operating system
  • browser type and version
  • referrer (URL of the page from which you accessed us)
  • IP address (spam protection, clear identification)
  • time you visit our website

The data stored by the serve cannot and will not be linked to a natural person. Log data is automatically deleted after 14 days or after statistical evaluation. Please note that server log data is necessary to ensure data security and protection on this website.


The website operator, that is, the software installed on the operator’s server uses cookies. Cookies are text files containing login information that enable you to sign in automatically to the system, for example, and thereby facilitate additional functions (no need to enter your password). Cookies store only your registration data and cannot cause any damage to your computer. You may personally decide how long your cookies are stored in your user profile, and you may delete cookies on your computer at any time. Cookies are necessary technology for verifying you as a registered user.


If you have provided your email address, you might receive information from the operator of this website. You may use the settings in your profile to determine whether or not you would like to receive emails from the website operator. No personal data related to your email will be collected. You may at any time stop information or advertising mailings by deactivating the setting in your profile.


You have the right to request information at any time regarding the source and recipients of your personal data, as well as the reasons your personal data is archived. To receive this information, please contact us in writing at the address in the Site Notice [Link zur Seite]. You must first identify yourself as the individual requesting the information or provide proof that you are authorized to receive such information via a third party.

Map used in directions to our office provided by

Directions for finding us are generated by using Google Maps. The Dienstleistungen-finden platform is provided by McGrip Sharing & Consulting GmbH, registered office Weiherstraße 18 in 68259 Mannheim. When this service is used, the user IP address is transmitted to this platform, but is not analyzed or used in any way other than to facilitate the use of the map service.

Status of this Privacy Statement: 23 May 2018
Our Data Protection Officer is Eliane Linder (eliane.linder)(@)( To contact us please use the contact information provided in the Site Notice.

Linder & Tanguy
Sprachen Service
Schiffgasse 15
D - 69117 Heidelberg

phone: +49 6221 29748

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