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  • Overall performance (on-time delivery, quality, costs)
    Outstanding (4 Sterne)
During the review period, Linder & Tanguy not only fulfilled all project requirements but also clearly exceeded the agreed objectives regarding, among other things, for SAP LX processes & tools knowledge, SAP product & solutions knowledge, availability of qualified power users and SAP trainers.
  • Quality of delivered Project Management and Linguistic services
    Extraordinary (5 Sterne)
During the review period, the performance of Linder & Tanguy clearly exceeded all project requirements and all agreed objectives. Linder & Tanguy served as role model for other suppliers.
SAP Language Services, Walldorf, Germany

"Linder & Tanguy provides timely, knowledgeable resources who understand the tools we use for managing languages in the software solutions we offer. Their seamless oversight makes each translation project execute smoothly no matter what language we require—from Portuguese to Japanese. L&T provides quality work and good service that is cost-effective".

Vistex Inc.

"Extremely professional technical translations and very friendly personnel; in particular, fast execution of assignments which at the same time is good value for money. We are extremely satisfied with the work of Linder & Tanguy."

Dr. Torsten Fenske, Managing Director

"Great that it is so easy to get perfect translations. Every term, every detail - everything is spot on. That is why Linder & Tanguy are always an important language partner for our software products."

Alex Fidaschek, SAP Consultant
Software4Professionals GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart

"We have been working with Linder & Tanguy for several years very successfully and are extremely satisfied with their prompt delivery and very obliging conduct and performance. We would therefore happily recommend this translation agency to other customers."

Ines Schuller, International Sales
PBS Software GmbH, Bensheim

Linder & Tanguy supports cundus
"Linder & Tanguy is our trusted translation agency. They convince us time and again with their service quality and their ability to handle a variety of subject matters ranging from marketing documents to success stories to technical papers. We also appreciate their flexibility and far-sightedness: they are open to comments and willing to adapt the first versions of their translations, and all changes are taken into account for follow-up translations."

"As a market-leading manufacturer of software solutions in the areas of compliance and prevention of financial crime, we depend on competent and reliable partners that are able to deliver our technical translations on time and within budget. With Linder & Tanguy we are very happy to have found a proficient partner that meets all of our requirements."

Bengt Hellbach, Marketing
Tonbeller AG, Bensheim

Design and architecture

"Excellent linguists who possess the talent of communicating between two cultures sensitively, intelligently and very professionally, far beyond the demands of the ordinary technical approach to translation".

Valérie Braidi-Ketter, Brand Management

Furniture design

"We have received very positive feedback regarding the quality and comprehensibility of your English translations from our foreign customers, also from China in particular. When working together, we particularly appreciated the uncomplicated, fast, and reliable completion of our requests."

Heidrun Kordes, Dipl.-Ing. Interior Designer
P l a n m ö b e l Eggersmann

Linder & Tanguy
Sprachen Service
Schiffgasse 15
D - 69117 Heidelberg

phone: +49 6221 29748

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