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Certification "SAP Translation Hub" for Linder & Tanguy

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Thoraxklinik Heidelberg: Übersetzung des interaktiven ebooks „besserohne“

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Darüber spricht die SAP Language Partner-Community

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Technical Translation

Professional technical translations from Linder & Tanguy can support you as you take your business activities global. After all, adapting all of your products and business interests to country-specific conditions is a prerequisite of success in any new market. The correct linguistic presentation of your product portfolio is particularly decisive in such endeavors.

At Linder & Tanguy, we guarantee you high-quality translations of your technical documents. We take great care in ensuring that our technical translators are linguistic experts qualified in their respective areas of specialization. They all have many years of experience and translate exclusively into their own native language. Thanks to their in-depth expertise, they are capable of accurately conveying the meaning of even the most complex and highly technical circumstances.

Our translation memory software, meanwhile, helps us ensure coherence throughout your texts. A translation memory system is essentially a language database in which translations are constantly stored over the course of a project. This makes it possible to reuse past translations for new texts; the exact same sentence never needs to be translated twice. For you, the customer, the resulting benefits include faster deliveries and lower costs. We’ll also be happy to create terminology databases for your company.

Let Linder & Tanguy handle the technical translation of your operating and assembly manuals, handbooks, and documentation in areas such as software, pumping systems, renewable energies, architecture, and furniture design.

Do you need translations of your technical texts? Contact us – we’ll be glad to make you an offer tailored to your particular needs.