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Certification "SAP Translation Hub" for Linder & Tanguy

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Thoraxklinik Heidelberg: Übersetzung des interaktiven ebooks „besserohne“

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Darüber spricht die SAP Language Partner-Community

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Software Localization

For those looking to achieve success in international markets, adapting software applications, services, and other products to local customs and standards is a must. Are you planning to expand your business to France (or other French-speaking markets)? Let Linder & Tanguy be your expert for professional translations and software localizations in French.

Take advantage of the extensive experience we have amassed working as French native speakers. Optimize your business activities in France or other French-speaking markets by leveraging our expertise.

Linder & Tanguy's professional localization package covers:
  • Translation (linguistic adaptation to local markets)
  • Adjustment (cultural and technical adaptation)
  • Testing of your translated software
Here, our overarching goal is to help you bring a software solution, service, or other product to market with a level of design and utility that will convince your target customers it was originally developed specifically for them.
We guarantee our customers and the users of their software high-quality translations and localizations by:
  • Factoring in the conventions of specific countries and markets
  • Complying with length restrictions in dialog boxes
  • Inspecting the functionality of key combinations following Translation
  • Ensuring consistent terminology across menus, messages, and online help resources
If necessary, we can also support you in marketing your products and services in France and other French-speaking markets, such as in:
  • Creating press releases
  • Developing or fine-tuning your online presence
  • Translating or adapting your company's brochures, product descriptions, and other material
Are you looking for the right company to translate and localize your software and other products into English, French, or German? Contact us – we’ll be glad to make you an offer tailored to your particular needs.