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Furniture industry and Design

The furniture industry is another sector on which the effects of globalization have left their mark. Its players are increasingly making connections around the world, which enables them to benefit from related trade advantages. Since more and more furniture is being imported at constantly declining prices, European manufacturers in particular need to steel themselves for ever-fiercer competition.

This leads to one decisive question: What advantages can a company offer its customers over its competitors? What unique selling point does its furniture represent? Setting one's own products apart from those of competing furniture designers is one of the keys to succeeding in this market. Without the multilingual marketing communications needed to support these products, however, even the best brand positioning will be of little help when engaging in business abroad.

Linder & Tanguy can adapt your product messaging and marketing information to the respective languages and cultures of your target markets. With the right marketing strategy, you'll present your brand in a way that matches the requirements of your target country, thus raising your company's profile in short order and increasing the attractiveness of your overall brand.

For many years, we have been working in the furniture industry as language experts in architecture and design. Our areas of focus include kitchens and seating, and our customer portfolio features a number of well-known and innovative international companies and institutions.

Why not let us support you in adapting the language of your products and services to markets abroad to ensure that your marketing information has the optimal effect? We can provide you with translations of:
  • Marketing materials
  • Flyers and other forms of advertising
  • Websites and newsletters
  • Price lists and sales catalogs
  • Technical documentation

Are you looking for translation services in the field of furniture and design? Get in touch with us – we'll be pleased to make you a tailored offer.