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L&T Localization and Translation GmbH is an official SAP Language Service Partner

Did you know that SAP expects its external partners to be committed to ethical business practices and complying with local and international laws and regulations?
We are very pleased to announce that it took our company just one week to pass SAP’s due diligence assessment for Language Service Partners!

L&T Localization and Translation GmbH – an SAP partner you can trust
Why is partnering with L&T an excellent choice?
- Scalability – Together with our global partners, we’re big enough to handle almost any undertaking, yet still small enough to care about every project.

- Reliability – Getting your products and content professionally localized is our top priority. That’s why your projects will always benefit from established teams of expert project managers, translators, and reviewers.

- Compliance with SAP’s quality specifications – As an SAP Partner, we’ve consistently demonstrated our ability to meet the highest demands and continued to strengthen our position in the SAP ecosystem.

L&T will be happy to guide your local business on the road to global success. If you’re interested in our professional services, get in touch with us today!

Eingestellt am 15.05.2023 von M. Tanguy

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